The Baleia Range

The Baleia Range is a reflection of wines that are true to their terroir yet perfectly balanced and accessible for everyday enjoyment. 

To create this range, we make use of minimal wood intervention, Foudres and amphorae to bring freshness and liveliness to the wines.

Our other wine ranges:

Sauvignon Blanc

Tasting Note

Pale, greenish gold. Reflecting classic aromas of elderberry flower and green fig on the nose and crisp, green litchi flavours on the palate.

Baleia’s food-driven wines present a delicate sensation of minerality which is expressed by natural salts found in the soils and prepares the palate beautifully.

Baleia Sauvignon Blanc

Deborah Rosé

Tasting Note

An exotic rosé with a bouquet of cantaloupe, kiwi and pink
turkish delight. Vibrant Russian Gold liquid. The delicate sensation of minerality present in Baleia’s wines is an expression of the natural salts found in the soils and prepares the palate beautifully. Serve with flavours of the Far East for a mouth-watering pairing.

Baleia Deborah Rosé


Tasting Note

A crisp Chardonnay with elder flower and lime blossom aromas, almond biscotti and light oak flavours on the palate. Natural salts found in the soils present a delicate sensation of minerality in Baleia’s food-driven wines and prepares the palate beautifully. Creamy Italian pasta dishes are this Chardonnay’s perfect companion.
Baleia Chardonnay

Pinot Noir

Tasting Note

A Pinot Noir with a bouquet of ripe strawberry, cedar leaf and cyprus with a palate of sour cherry and floral turkish
delight. Matured for 10 months in French oak. Elegant white meat dishes and warm salads pair well with this wine. Serve slightly chilled. 

Baleia Pinot Noir

Vinhos Rochas

Tasting Note

Wine from Rock – Made from Tempranillo and Syrah grapes grown in pure limestone soils, that are so hard and rocky that the vine struggles to grow and thus yields a small, concentrated crop. We respect the fruit by making use of amphorae and large wooden foudres in the cellar, which highlights the unique minerality and makes for a tantalizing wine bursting with character.
Baleia Vinhos Rochas