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The uniqueness of the Baleia property lies in the soil, which consists largely of pure, solid limestone with a very high mineral content. This creates a very unique and particular mouthfeel to the wines, reminiscent of chalky minerality and maritime salinity.

This soil is also home to the very rare Canca fynbos, which is endemic to the South Coast and one of very few fynbos species to flourish in the alkaline environment of limestone outcrops

Vineyard Philosophy

At Baleia the winemaking cycle begins with consistent attention to detail in the vineyards.

Making use of technology such as soil probes and, NDVI scanning, one is able to fine-tune the vineyards through the perfect amount of stress that brings balance and longevity.

We believe healthy soil promotes healthy roots, which promotes healthy vines that produce beautifully balanced fruit.


The winemaking philosophy at Baleia is all about portraying the unique aspect of the site. Making wines that are true to their terroir and can be identified by their very specific mineral and maritime character in a blind tasting.

These inherent qualities are allowed to take centre stage in the wines because we use minimal intervention in the cellar to ensure that we do not cloud the natural beauty.

When you savour a glass of Baleia, you’ll known the circle is complete.

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